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p4ges - Can Paying 4 Global Ecosystem Services reduce poverty?

Refining methodology in the field

Stage 1 of the socio-economic team's work took place in February and March. - Rina Mandimbiniaina,

Alexandra Rasoamanana and Hasina Rakotoarison explain what they did.


The socio-economic team headed down to the pilot sites with the objectives of refining their research tools and collecting preliminary findings on the site.




The first field trip in February was to improve research tools and methods, through interviews and meeting with local communities. By carrying out pilot interviews and surveys, we were able to re-orientate how we will assess our data, what socio-economic indicators to focus on, and to clarify how we would collect them.



The second field trip was to target three areas: to test our tools once again, for example our re-drafted questionnaire; to carry out more in-depth site assessments and to visit some of the local institutions which P4ges is interested in.



Our trips involved long walks between sites, which was beneficial as we spent time with the local population - itself useful and contributed to our research.




We hiked in the mountains and crossed rivers - a wonderful adventure with more to come as we continue our research...

Date 30 April 2014