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p4ges - Can Paying 4 Global Ecosystem Services reduce poverty?

p4ges TV

What are the impacts of conservation on local wellbeing (and how can we know?)

P4ges team return to the communities where we worked to feedback our research results (video in English)

Asan’ala @rano

One of our community-feedback team explains the links between water and forest with a really well received demonstration (film in Malagasy).

Open day for community representatives

Open day for community representatives

Working for the project

P4ges relies heavily on working with local research assistants in all our sites. In this video Georges and Rolland talk briefly about their experience of working with the hydrology team. (In Malagasy, sub-titled in English)

Why should rice farmers care about forests?

The hydrology researchers explain their findings. (In Malagasy, sub-titled in English)

Youtube still: Why should rice farmers care about forests?

Views on Compensation

Should social researchers compensate participants for their time? Views from the field in Madagascar

Hydrology film

Maafaka Ravelona from p4ges hydrology team explains instrumented sites

Costs to local people

Alex Rasoamanana, from the p4ges Socio-Economic Team, explains how their work aims to estimate the opportunity cost of protecting the forest.

Dye infiltration experiment

Maafaka Ravelona, from the p4ges hydrology team, demonstrates the blue dye infiltration experiment in this short video.

Julia gives an overview of the p4ges project

Prof Julia Jones explains the p4ges project.

Prof Julia Jones' Introduction to Madagascar

Project leader Prof Julia Jones has worked in Madagascar for 14 years.