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UK trip to attend conference and work with p4ges team



Trip to UK in March 2016 to attend the Student Conference on Conservation Science  (SCCS) and work with the p4ges team

I am very happy to share the story about my trip to UK last month for the SCCS. Before the conference I was in Bangor to prepare my presentation. I worked closely with Neal and Sarobidy for this and I gave a presentation to the conservation group in Bangor on the 17th March. I also had an opportunity to do some literature reviews as there was such a good internet connection and easy access to the documents.

Apart from that I had a chance to attend several meetings with the p4ges project team, especially the choice experiment survey from all the sites. At the end of my visit to Bangor, Neal and Julia invited all the Malagasy and other team members to dinner. The food was very good and I took the opportunity to eat lots of rice!

On 18th March I travelled to Cambridge to attend the conference. Before the conference I had a short course entitled “A practical introduction to social survey design for conservation science” led by Dr Freya St John. The course was very interesting and very helpful for me especially for my future research. After that, I attended the conference for 3 days. It was a great experience. I have learned a lot from the different talks and posters. At the end of the conference, I gave my presentation on methods for estimating the costs of conservation to local people. And I am so proud I did it because it was a great challenge to present in front of such a large audience from different countries.

I would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible especially the p4ges team and SCCS.

Nilsen’s trip to the UK was funded by a bursary from the Cambridge Student Conference on Conservation Science

Date: 29th April 2016

Nilsen Spener