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p4ges - Can Paying 4 Global Ecosystem Services reduce poverty?

The biodiversity team gets ready for its second field trip.

The biodiversity team recently welcomed some new members so, before starting on the second field season, the whole team had a week's training in Andasibe.

session theorique
The biodiversity team during the theoretical part of the training
Some tips before going into tech field
The study of the micro-habitat of the chameleon.
expedition nocturne
Night observation
Morphometric mensuration of chameleons.
Experimenting with MS 222

Taking tissue and swab samples

The biodiversity team in the p4ges project works to understand the value of biodiversity in different land uses which can be included in payments for ecosystem services.

We carried out a theoretical and practical training on methods of categorising and surveying chameleons. This training took place in the Analamazaotra de Mitsinjo forestry station in Andasibe, Madagascar, from the 24th-29th September 2014, and was run by Christian Randrianantoandro, Raphali Andriantsimanarilafy and Deborah Bower.

The aim of the training was to gain a deeper understanding of observation methods, biometry and the study of micro habitat, surveys, taxonomy and identification techniques for amphibians and reptiles of Madagascar.

It was really great to work directly on some sites which we found during the training.

The practical training was rewarding because the trainers put so much into it! Plus it was a fantastic opportunity for all the team to try different techniques such as taking tissue and swab samples for DNA and using MS 222 to prepare specimens.

In short, it was a full, rich, topical and very entertaining training which took place in the great outdoors in a part of Madagascar where a lot of the p4ges project work is taking place.

The whole team is extremely grateful to all the participants, the p4ges project and Association Mitsinjo.

Alain Rakotondrina, Josué Rakotoarisoa, Nandi Fatroandrianjafinonjasolomiovazo, Christian Randrianantoandro, Raphali Andriantsimanarilafy

Date : 7th October, 2014