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P4ges produces a final report summarising our outputs in one place

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A final push to share our results

Just before the formal close of the project, we made a big effort to visit stakeholders in Madagascar to ensure they understood the results from p4ges (and the relevance to their own activities). Rina Mandimbiniaina explains

How can we evaluate conservation impacts on well-being?

Recent work led by Ranaivo Rasolofoson published in World Development has been covered by Mongabay. The work explores how to use local people’s own concepts of wellbeing when evaluating the impact of conservation. Read more ...


P4ges PI Prof Julia Jones discusses conservation and development in Madagascar with the president of Madagascar.

Prof Jones took part in a round table discussion at Kew Gardens with His Excellency the President of Madagascar, the UK Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Thérèse Coffey MP, and delegates from the International Climate Fund, DEFRA, Durrell, Fauna & Flora International and TRAFFIC to discuss the future of conservation in Madagascar. Read more ...

Forest conservation approaches must recognise the rights of local people

p4ges researchers Sarobidy Rakotonarivo and Neal Hockley explain why local people’s right really matter when it comes to tropical forest conservation. Read more ...

New paper demonstrates the methodological and policy implications of estimating welfare impacts of conservation where property rights are contested

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Rina Mandimbiniaina reflects on her recent experiences through the p4ges project and what she has learnt

I’ve been involved in P4ges research project since 2013.  Along this period, I had opportunities to improve not only my research skills in social science but also my abilities to contribute to a big multidisciplinary project and my understanding of the links between ecosystem services and poverty around the world. Read more ...

Prof Ramamonjisoa presents p4ges results to the International Association of Landscape Ecology meeting in Baltimore, USA

Earlier this year Prof Bruno Ramamonjisoa (p4ges lead from the University of Antananarivo) travelled to the US to present some of the key p4ges results to an international forum. Read more ...

Tangorogna 2017: p4ges results shared at Alaotra-Mangoro region’s ‘big meeting’

P4ges Team disseminate their findings to the Tangorogna Fair where local producers bring their products to sell. Read more ...

P4ges works with the Trans-African Hydro Meteorological Observatory (THAMO) to establish a network of weather stations in Madagascar

The p4ges project has conducted important new research on hydrological impacts of land use change. Read more ...

P4ges close workshop to share results with Madagascar’s policy community

On the 27th January p4ges held an event to share the most policy-relevant results from the p4ges project with government, NGO and donor community who are involved in shaping and implementing policy surrounding forest conservation, restoration and REDD+ in Madagascar. Read on ...

P4ges team train technicians in Madagascar in the use of the policy support tools Water World and Co$ting Nature

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Can payments for watershed services help overcome water shortages in Madagascar?

Julia Jones writes on the current water shortage in Madagascar and local discussions as to whether payments for ecosystem services could help tackle the problem. Read more ...


Sharing research with the academic community in Madagascar

On the 19th January, p4ges is held an event at the University of Antananarivo to share results with researchers in Madagascar. Read more (and download the talks) here.

WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature

P4ges are holding a training course for the ecosystem services mapping tools WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature. Apply for your space now if you are in Madagascar.


Sharing research with the academic community in Madagascar

P4ges is holding an event to share results with researchers in Madagascar. Thursday 17th Jan at ESSA (University of Antananarivo). Please contact rrabemorasata@gmail.com if you would like to attend.

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P4ges team share results at the 2nd annual FLARE (Forest Livelihoods: Assessment, research, engagement)

On December 6 members of the p4ges team represented the p4ges project and shared research results at the 2nd annual FLARE (Forest Livelihoods: Assessment, research, engagement) meeting.

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Sharing p4ges results with local communities around Andasibe

Jacyntha Ambinintsoa reports on sharing research findings with the local communties in the Ankaniheny-Zahamena Corridor (CAZ).

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Amazing adventure at COP13 on Biodiversity- Cancún-Mexico

P4ges researcher Alex Rasoamanana attended the Convention of Biological Diversity COP in Mexico recently, funded by the Global Youth Biodiversity Network.

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Can efforts to converse biodiversity by big industry help or harm local people?

New research exploring the social impacts of biodiversity offsets is published.

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Sharing p4ges results with the polish diaspora

Recently p4ges researcher Ewa Siwicka presented some of the p4ges results at a popular science conference in Oxford. Read more….

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P4ges Reports from side event at the COP of the Convention of Biological Diversity in Mexico, December 2016

P4GES team member, Tokihenintsoa Andrianjohaninarivo, reports from the teams side event at the Convention of Biological Diversity meeting in Cancun, Mexico on the topic of 'Improving the evidence base on the effectiveness of forest conservation and rural livelihood initiatives in delivering social and ecological benefit'.

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P4ges researcher, Prof. Julia Jones, to present results at espa-funded symposium on Ecosystem Services for Human Wellbeing

P4ges research results will be presented in an espa-funded symposium on Ecosystem Services for Human Wellbeing
Julia Jones will present on: “Can payments for global ecosystem services support or undermine efforts at poverty alleviations? Lessons from Madagascar”

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P4ges team from Conservation International hosting side event at the COP of the Convention of Biological Diversity in Mexico, December 2016

P4ges team members from Conservation International are hosting a side event at the COP of the Convention of Biological Diversity in Mexico on the 12th December 2016 called:

Improving the evidence base on the effectiveness of forest conservation and rural livelihood initiatives in delivering social and ecological benefits.

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“What are the impacts of conservation on local wellbeing (and how can we know?)”

Julia Jones gave this talk at the World Agro-Forestry Centre in Nairobi called. Watch film.

A ‘sapphire rush’ has sent at least 45,000 miners into Madagascar’s protected rainforests

The rainforests of Didy in eastern Madagascar usually ring with the calls of the indri, the island’s largest lemur. There is a different noise now: the chopping of trees, digging of gravel, and cheers of encouragement from the thousands of illegal miners who have flooded to these forests since sapphires were discovered in late September.

Read Prof Julia Jones's full report ...

Published in The Conservation, November 21, 2016

Sapphire mining in the CAZ rainforest

Sharing p4ges results with local communities in eastern CAZ

A team of p4ges researchers from Madagasikara Voakajy have just returned from the communes of Anjahamana and Ambalarondra on the eastern side of the CAZ corridor where they have been sharing results with local communities.

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Sharing p4ges results with local communities in western CAZ

The p4ges team are working hard to return results to all communities where we worked. Here Alain Rakotondrina writes about the trip to Didy commune on the west of CAZ to share results there.

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What does the Paris climate agreement coming into force mean for tropical forests and their people?

In this article in The Conservation p4ges leader Julia Jones explains

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P4ges project leader Prof Julia Jones to give two public lectures on conservation and poverty Nairobi

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Sharing experiences with colleagues from around the world

Julia Jones from the p4ges project has just returned from a workshop in Cambridge which discussed the impacts of payments for ecosystem services and other conditional transfers linked to environmental management on efforts to reduce poverty.

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Sharing p4ges research results with regional stakeholders

Rima Mandimbiniaina reports on the two major events to feedback results to regional stakeholders, and on hosting the ESPA Impact Advisor in Africa, Sam Mwangi.

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P4ges team are organising an event at the Ecosystem Services Partnership meeting in Nairobi in November

Submit an abstract!

Find out how in Sarobidy Rakotonarivo's post ...

Sharing results in northern CAZ

Some of the p4ges team have just returned from the north of CAZ where they have been sharing their results locally.

Read Bodo Rakotojoelina's blog ...

New paper on the impacts of Community Forest Management on human well-being

Ranaivo Rasolofoson and colleagues have published an article investigating the impacts of community forest management on human well-being in the top conservation journal Conservation Letters.

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Will mum survive the hydrology fieldwork?

Wendy Zwartendijk, the mother of Bob Zwartendijk, one of the researchers in the P4GES hydrology team, wrote a blog about her visit to the Maralaona fieldsite in February 2016. During her visit the team were finalising their work in the Marolaona catchement which they have been studying closely for a full year.

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p4ges team celebrate World Environment day

p4ges team from the NGO Madagasikara Voakajy took part in World Environment day celebration in Antananarivo

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image of a ceremony

Time to share our research results locally

The p4ges team return to the communities where they have been working to share the results of their research

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Knowledge exchange and new experiences in Madagascar

A new blog by p4ges team member Dr Ruth Kelly


Ruth blog 1

UK trip to attend conference and work with p4ges team

Nilsen Spener recently returned from a trip to the UK for the Student Conference on Conservation Science and to work with the p4ges team.


Rina Mandimbiniaina recently attended the espa summer school in Scotland.

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rina summer school

P4ges researcher Julie Razafimanahaka and her work were covered in this nice feature article.

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Julie Razafimanahaka

Visiting the UK thanks to SCCS and p4ges


p4ges solar power helps local hospital


certificate distribution

Members of p4ges team respond to World Bank consultation on its Environmental and Social Standards



New paper on research ethics by some of p4ges team


ethics blog pic

Will safeguards reach the 'right' people?

Important paper now published.


P4ges team supports the Malagasy delegation at the Paris Climate Conference (COP21)


Researcher China at COP21

Conference on the costs and social impacts of forest conservation in Madagascar


P4ges hosts an open day for representatives of the community in Andasibe commune


Two p4ges team members are organising a scientific conference on the social impacts of forest conservation on Wednesday 9th December 2015 in Antananarivo


poster papango

One of p4ges project leads celebrated in Madagascar for winning prominent conservation award


Julie award event

P4ges invites national stakeholders to visit our hydrological research and discuss research results


Bruno interview

If lemurs are so special why haven’t they been conserved yet?

P4ges project leader Julia Jones reflects on the challenges of tropical forest conservation and the potential risks of new conservation approaches to local livelihoods

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Blog on latest works by the carbon team - March-May 2015



Updates from the field:

News from the social/institutional team-just back from field work in a remote part of eastern CAZ


truck in mud_hasina

p4ges partner organises important conference

p4ges partner, LRI, are organising this conference looking at the links between soil, agriculture and forests under climate change


The hydrology team brings us more updates from the field

Ongoing hydrology research - get up to date by reading this blog from Maafaka Ravelona and Bob Zwartendijk


Leaves view

I’m so grateful to many people who made my dream come true!

Alexandra Rasoamanana recently visited the UK on a SCCS (Student Conference on Conservation Science) bursary. Here she explains why it was such a fantastic and enriching trip.


chatham house group

Biology award for p4ges researcher

We are really happy to congratulate p4ges researcher Julie Razafimanahaka who has been awarded the 2015 Young Women in Conservation Biology Award.


Julie lemur

p4ges invites regional stakeholders to learn about their hydrological field work


How did we travel to our latest study sites?

See Mahesh Poudyal's photo story to find out! Click here

lorry flood

P4ges carbon team at work in the field

p4ges has a number of different field teams at work in the field. The carbon team recently sent a blog with lots of pictures about how they operate in the field.

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carbon team

Paper published by PhD student linked to the p4ges project

Ranaivo Rasolofoson has published this paper looking at the effectiveness of Community Forest Management at reducing deforestation in Madagascar

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P4ges members join others in letter to Madagascar’s president

Madagasikara Voakajy, part of the p4ges project, has joined with other environmental organisations to call on the new president of Madagascar to recognise the role of natural capital and good environmental governance in delivering his commitment to reduce the gap between rich and poor in Madagascar.

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Does the forest ‘provide’ water?

The p4ges hydrology team installs equipment to explore in detail the links between land use and hydrological processes.

Maafaka Ravelona writes

Julia Jones (p4ges project leader) on Shared Planet.

Julia discusses conservation and poverty challenges in Madagascar with Monty Don and Ivan Scales on BBC Radio 4 in the Shared Planet programme. Click here to hear the clip.

Julia Jones reflects on the influence of protected areas of rural livelihoods in Madagascar


Blog by Rina Mandimbiniana on her recent trip to the UK



Bruno Ramamonjisoa at the IUFRO world congress


Neal Hockley (p4ges project) presented a critique of ES concept

At a recent ESPA event in London Dr Neal Hockley asked whether the ES concept biases research away from people

Ebola and bushmeat: Conservationists must resist temptation to use the Ebola outbreak as an opportunity to push a conservation message

Julia Jones and Julie Razafimanahaka (two of the leaders of p4ges) write about links between Ebola and bushmeat


The biodiversity team gets ready for its second field trip

Read the blog by Alain Rakotondrina, Raphali Andriantsimanarilafy, Josué Rakotoarisoa Christian Randrianantoandro, Nandi Fatroandrianjafinonjasolomiovazo here


Some thoughts after seeing forest clearance for the first time

Read the blog by Mahesh Poudyal, recently working in the field and surrounded by slash and burn forest here.

Mahesh blog forest

We are recruiting: p4ges biodiversity team are recruiting a herpetologist

Click here for more details


Job advert!

Biodiversity offset assistant - based at ESSA.

Click here for the details (in french only)


MSc students do fieldwork in Mangabe forest

A brief update from 4 MSc students from the UK and Madagascar on their field work in the Mangabe forest-south east of the main p4ges study area.


Research team

p4ges welcomes two new espa fellows

The p4ges project welcomes two new fellows, funded by the espa programme.


Bangor team

Estimating the opportunity cost of conservation

Piloting the tools to estimate this cost



Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests representative visits p4ges team in the field

Julia Jones writes...


Job opportunity with Fonaso

Research assistant sought (3 months)  Click here for more info.


Refining research methods

Report by Rina Mandimbiniaina, Alexandra Rasoamanana and Hasina Rakotoarison


Writing workshop in Madagascar

The p4ges project is running a writing workshop aimed at Malagasy researchers doing ecosystem services-related research.  The workshop aims to address some of the challenges they face in publishing their excellent research in international English-language journals.

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writing workshop

Andasibe fieldwork blog

Read the frank blog by Deborah Bowers, a volunteer herpetologist ecologist with MV.   A humorous insight into time in the field in a new country..for her.


debs chameleon

More TV coverage for p4ges!

Click here for a clip from the Malagasy evening News on the visit by the ESPA directorate, including an interview with Director, Paul van Gardingen.

espa screenshot

The hydrology team goes to work!

Read the blog by Bob Zwartendijk and Maafaka Ravelona who have just started taking samples in the field.



Co$ting Nature and WaterWorld training course in Madagascar


A short write up of the recent training at the World Bank in Madagascar by Dr Mark Mulligan, from Kings College, London. 


Blog by new p4ges team members

New p4ges team members, Rina Mandimbiniaina and Alexandra Rasoamanana, give their reflections on the recent training for new Malagasy staff.

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Further job opportunity!

We are advertising for a research assistant for the biodiversity field work. Details here.


p4ges on Radio Wales

Radio Wales asked Dr Julia Jones to produce a short piece on the project for their listeners.  Click here for the link to the piece


Musical Madagascar!

The p4ges project team includes some talented musicians.

Click here for some clips of the team relaxing in the evening during our inception workshop.


Workshop blog by Ilja van Meerveld

Ilja van Meerveld, a hydrologist on the p4ges project (an espa project), reflects on the inception workshop held at the Mitsinjo forest station, Madagascar, from the 11th-13th November 2013

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p4ges News item on Malagasy TV!

Click here for a clip from the Malagasy evening News with a report (in Malagasy language only!)


Once upon a time...

Luciano Andriamaro, CI Madagascar, writes her account of the p4ges project launch.

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p4ges launched in Madagascar

On the 8th November more than 100 people attended a launch for the p4ges project.

The project was launched by the Director-General for Forests of the Malagasy Ministry of Environment (Jean-Claude Rabemanantsoa) and the Director-General for Research from the Ministry of Research and Higher Education (Claudine Ramiarison). The aims and objectives of the p4ges project were introduced to an audience of government, NGO and civil society groups interested in environment and poverty issues.

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Job Opportunities with p4ges

3 social science research assistants posts based in Madagascar (these posts have now been filled)

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A fruitful trip in the UK

A short blog by Dr. Patrick Ranjatson, Ecole Superieure des Science Agronomiques, University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Patrick is a co-investigator on the p4ges project:

Read his blog ...

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